Want A Better Publicity? Pick The Low Hanging Fruit

Want a better Publicity? Pick the Low Hanging Fruit


Lisa harris

Sounds simple enough, right? But what does it mean? When I retired from TV news last summer to start a company as a Dallas public relations consultant, I promised myself to always grab the easy stuff for my clients first—in other words, the stuff the media is already giving you.

Feeding Frenzies

When reporters are going crazy about one topic, you can\’t beat \’em…so you might as well join them. For instance, this is the anniversary week of the government\’s raid on the polygamist sect in West Texas. Oprah got an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour and is dedicating a whole hour to the topic on Monday. It begins a week of anniversary pieces that you\’ll see on the news.

Our Dallas public relations agency represents a couple of attorneys who dropped what they were doing one year ago and headed to San Angelo to represent children they didn\’t know—and they didn\’t make a dime. They were among 400 attorneys who did the same. It may be the largest pro bono effort in history. We\’re getting our clients out in front of the media this week to reflect on the lessons learned.


Problems that Need Solving

When a reporter does a story about a problem that needs fixing, an experienced Dallas public relations agency will be the solution.

Right now there are lots of news stories about the flooding in the Upper Midwest…but as a public relations expert, I\’m also starting to see local stories of volunteer groups packing up and headed to help. When the media points out a problem, it\’s almost obligated to cover the story when you call up and announce that you\’re coming to the rescue.

Holiday Stories

Tying into a holiday is easy. Yesterday the Dallas Junior Chamber of Commerce held an Easter egg hunt for visually impaired children and received widespread coverage.

The images of children searching for eggs that make a \”beeping\” noise was too irresistible for the media to pass up. The DJCC\’s story on Saturday is just the first of a wave of Easter stories that you\’ll see over the next couple of weeks– a clever Dallas public relations agency will also capitalize on the holiday feeding frenzy.

Expert Advice

The next time you find yourself talking back to the TV set when the news is discussing something that you have expertise in, reach out to the media and suggest a follow-up.

As a Dallas public relations consultant, I am a PR expert. What makes you an expert? If you do it for a living, you\’re an expert. If you\’re a Realtor, you\’re a real estate expert. If you\’re a lawyer, you\’re a legal expert.

Trust me, this low hanging fruit is all around you. The next time you find a story that\’s ripe, have the courage to call a journalist and harvest some free publicity.

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