Sidi 2009 Apparel: High End Motocross Boots Fro Serious Supercross!

By Mike McGrath

Sidi has one of the best collections of authentic motocross boots in the entire racing industry. Their collection features top of the line boots that boast high quality component materials coupled with extreme durability to withstand the toughest riding climes and terrains.

Motocross boots for men


Sidi has a very impressive line-up of high end motocross boots which are especially designed for men. Most motocross riding enthusiasts simply love the colors, cuts and styles these motocross boots present. Some of the most popular styles of boots are the Charger, Sidi Crossfire and Sidi Discovery motocross boots. These are available in exciting color combinations of black, blue, white, red and many others. The motocross boots from Sidi have been constructed using only high grade, 100% leather to afford a high end, extreme resistant pair of motocross boots which withstand the tough riding conditions. The four buckle closure system enables a secure and firm grip on the feet. The sole has a one-directional pattern and is replete with a full shank made of steel. This further aids in providing for maximum protection and comfort fit. The shin plates on these motocross boots have injection molds in them and also have a full length plastic protection in-built. The heel support is adequate and in fact generous to provide optimal extent of protection and cushioning against any high impact jolts or jerks. The extra padding feature in these motocross boots also means that you end up having a high end comfort fit. The presence of molded rubber heat shield also indicates a high level of protection. So, even if you are riding in very hot climes it protects your feet from the heat.

Crossfire boots

While the Charger and Discovery styles of motocross boots from Sidi maybe very popular the Crossfire range of boots also does not lag behind by any means. The presence of a premium, high grade leather construction throughout the length and breadth of the motocross boots implies a high quality, superior styled shoe that also possesses a great deal of tensile strength. In addition, the rubber soles have a double intensity and thickness to them making them sturdier compared to other motocross boots from different brands. The rubber soles are in fact one of the distinguishing marks of Sidi because these motocross boots have been known to be able to withstand the most wear and tear and tough riding conditions. The ergonomic gel based interior and air pads help to not only provide plenty of cushioning but also a lot of ventilation and comfort. In addition, you will also find that these motocross boots have aluminum buckles replete with holistic adjustment with high end form fitting comfort levels. Besides this, these motocross boots also have total plastic protection as well as complete leather gaitor inside. The heat shield made of leather means that you get protection from all the weather elements including heat. The motocross boots are known for their superior grip factor and maximum protection from shocks and jolts.

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