Potty Training

Potty Training


C Lee

As a parent of young children I have always found potty training to be a long and challenging process. Starting with the endless accidents that always made it hard to make even what seemed like simple plans, unless you want to bring the famous pull-up which I am not a big fan of (my kids just used them as a regular diaper). Oh wait you can\’t forget the full of the extra set of clothes or two maybe three that you will soon be needing. I\’m not even sure how many stickers ,toys ,dimes, and even candy I went through as bribery (oops I mean rewards). I actually started telling myself \”Diapers might not be so bad after all\” at least I could save the furniture then, right?


Of course the answer to that is no, besides diapers stop at a certain size and cost way too much money anyway. So as I called all my friends and whined about my stinky situation, I finally received advice that I wish I would have had oh let\’s say at least a few years ago. She told me about a product that is guaranteed and teaches you to potty train in as little as 3 days. After I laughed at her for the next few minutes and soon after heard the dial tone (O.k. I felt bad later) I actually did decide to order. There wasn\’t anything to lose and I really needed something to work soon.

Honestly, this was probably one of the best purchases I have ever made. There are always so many accidents whether it be at the store, home, the car basically everywhere you can imagine which really made it just a bit difficult to go places. It just made the whole process so much easier for my son. He did so great and was not even having any accidents after the second day. You can only imagine how proud both him and I were when he was completely potty trained! Turns out I had no idea what I was doing before I received the guide .Although I thought I had a bit of a clue, turns out I didn\’t. I know probably seems a little hard to believe. Seriously though if you are trying to potty train or are even thinking about it, this will help your child and you have a much easier time. I know I didn\’t regret it.

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Potty Training really can be easy.


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