Large, Heavy, Or Hanging Breasts Can Cause Embarrassment And Difficulties

Large, Heavy, or Hanging Breasts Can Cause Embarrassment and Difficulties


Dave Stringham

Just as women can be quite self-conscious with underdeveloped breasts, large heavy or hanging breasts can cause embarrassment and difficulties all of their own. Plastic surgeons understand that over-development of the breast can cause a tremendous problem in self- esteem, the inability to exercise, difficulty with posture, backache and unwanted attention.


Many plastic surgeons have spent years perfecting their short scar approach to reduce the breast size, relieve the sagging and improve the breast contour and shape. The nipple is not removed or replaced. Plastic surgeons are able to preserve ducts and sensation to the nipple, though your ability to breast-feed is most likely reduced. Scars are inconspicuous and can be covered by most bathing suits and low cut clothing.

Fortunately, insurance plans may cover breast reduction surgery. However, denial by insurance or a request by insurance that a very harsh or excessive reduction be carried out, prompts many patients to go outside of ordinary insurance coverage to seek help. At many centers for aesthetic surgery, private and comprehensive services are available. The centers pride themselves in providing affordable breast reduction surgery for those who don’t qualify under today’s restrictive insurance plans.

When it comes to breast shape, time is not on our side. Almost every woman will eventually notice a gradual loss in the size, shape or feel of the breast. As our bodies age, breasts will sag, droop, soften or flatten out. Even if the breast volume stays the same, the firmness is lost. All plastic surgeons understand this, and in many instances breast lift can rejuvenate, shape and firm the breast, and can be combined with breast augmentation or reduction to create a dramatic and beautiful difference in your appearance.

A breast lift can also be combined with breast reduction to reduce a breast that is overly large or stretched. It can also reduce the size of a stretched areola, the darker pink skin surrounding the nipple. As with breast reduction, breast lift surgery involves a minimal scar technique that many plastic surgeons have refined over the last several years.

At a center for aesthetic surgery, breast lift surgery may be performed under general anesthesia for your comfort. You will be up and around a day or two following surgery. Your plastic surgeon will send you home in a garment fit to your new shape and size with a technique that makes a scarline as inconspicuous as possible. Even breasts that are dissimilar in shape can be adjusted to appear younger, healthier and rejuvenated.

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