Are You Management Material At Your Workplace?

Submitted by: William Piker

A managerial position in the company is commonly seen both as a high reputation and reward. That being said, many people who are unfit to acquire the position or maybe even the worst managerial position candidates are the ones who are promoted and given with the position. How did this happen? First, the employment factors that helped these workers become successful are totally diametrically opposite to their new, high status and better paying role as manager. Most employees who are successful are self motivated and are the type of workers who like to get the job done. Oftentimes, these successful workers are the lone wolves of any organization, especially when it comes to: you better get the job done aspect. Moreover, they might totally realize that there are some tasks that require little effort to finish after they have done it several times. With this, they might have short patience towards employees that they now govern, whom they perceive as lazy, ineffective or inefficient. Delegation of responsibilities to the employees has now become one of the big questions and one of the areas of concern.

You probably have visited as a customer in a big retail chain and you might have observed that most workers are left to do their tasks. You might go around the store and notice that duties are done smoothly and you may start to think what the task of the manger of the store is. You might even say that the manger surely has an easy job. In such case, the management of the store has done its job properly. Basically, the role of the management is not to directly do the works but rather assign the works to employees. The manager s or management s role is to hire workers and conduct trainings to teach them how to their tasks. The growth and development of an organization s or business self governing teams of employee training system is important to the growth of the store, business or organization.


The company employees teams in a way will govern the workers. If a worker does not do his task, is not motivated and disinterested, in many cases it is the team, and no the management, who will handle the issue. The team may talk to the concerned employee and ask him to either improve himself or just quit the job. Peer pressure can be a great tool and asset to any business if used appropriately and properly.

To sum it all up, the key to any organization or enterprise that has employees is delegation. Being the manager, you might have been trained or it could be your judgment s basis that: if the work is not finished or done, you must take over and get the task done yourself. However, this is not totally effective. In 2008, it was found out that the most profitable and effective businesses and organizations are those that abide the principle of delegation of work responsibilities is the best.

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