When A Successful Lawyer, Educator, Serviceman Becomes An Extraordinaire Entrepreneur

When A Successful Lawyer, Educator, Serviceman Becomes An Extraordinaire Entrepreneur


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For a legal professional to simultaneously and successfully sustain international entrepreneurship, that speaks volumes and not many can do that. There are few people who can manage doing multiple endeavors and be very good and successful at all undertakings. For most people success happens in only one area of his life. One can be successful at being a professional lawyer but may not be as successful as a businessman. Or reversely, one can be a huge success in business but the professional career is sideswiped in the course. But a successful lawyer and international businessman at the same time? It s a feat that is hard to match.

This is all possible in the person of Donald Ray Bernard, a law graduate of the University of Texas at Austin. His professional career as an attorney flourished as he served as Assistant Attorney General with the State of Texas and after his short stint of one year, he tried his luck at private practice as a partner with Bernard & Bernard in Houston which he held on for twenty years from 1960 to 1980 after which he formed and operated a private practice law in Houston until 1994. He accepted a 1988 delegated position with the initial joint bar conference held between the United States and Russia (USSR).


Between 1991 and 1994 Donnie R. Bernard accepted responsibilities in the academe serving as Professor of International Law at the University of St Thomas in Houston and guest lectured at Montana State University s College of Business. As a dedicated educator, he continued to serve Gloria Dei Lutheran Church as a Board of Directors and volunteers as one of the Regents of the Board of The Angeles University Foundation, a non-profit educational institution in the Philippines.

As if the professional achievements were not enough to make his CV look incredibly remarkable, Atty. Bernard enjoyed a career in the US Navy in which he incorporated his professional expertise as a commissioned ensign from 1954. At the time of his retirement in the military he ranked US Navy Commander n the Submarine Service. Donnie R. Bernard also held admission to the US Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, and the US Supreme Court. And while enjoying that, he has served as a search pilot volunteer member of the Montana Emergency Services. And he was able to do that as he has instrument flight qualifications.

On the business side, Donald Ray Bernard had previous co-ownership of Banana Bank Rank in Belize. He is currently serving as co-owner, Chairman and Vice President of Estancia Laguna Verde a luxury fishing lodge located in Lago Strobel, locally known as Jurassic Lake in El Calafete in Argentina. The fishing resort welcomes all fishing aficionados to experience catching some of the world s best rainbow trout. With Estancia Laguna Verde, Donald Bernard visitors are encouraged to catch a fish in 15 other lakes spread across the entire fishing lodge. And for those who want to be close to nature and stay the night over, Estancia Laguna Verde has the finest lodges complete with modern day amenities for total comfort and convenience. Donald Bernard is is excited about the prospects of bringing the best smoked rainbow trout to all of the United States with plans to expand the sales by exporting to North and South America and the European Union.

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When A Successful Lawyer, Educator, Serviceman Becomes An Extraordinaire Entrepreneur