Securing Car Insurance Online: The Best Pointers To Lower Premiums

Securing Car Insurance Online: The Best Pointers to Lower Premiums


Lara Sawyer

Since the development of the Internet, the process of buying insurance has changed dramatically. It is now faster to find a good policy than ever before, policies include more discounts, insurance brokers offer more deals, and everything is made simpler. So, when it comes to buying your car insurance online, for example, the best quotes can be found more quickly.

But these advantages can be lost when the correct process is not followed. Clicking around from one insurance broker site to another can be a waste of time if the right deals with truly low insurance premiums are not identified. Thankfully, there is a step-by-step process to help spot them.

True, comparison sites have helped to reduce the workload, but it is still necessary to carefully examine the car insurance deals on offer, and sift through the blurb in order to find the best deal possible. There are actual 4 steps to take.

1. Identify Your Required Coverage

Just like any other products, quotes for car insurance online are going to include aspects that are not actually needed. Every item of coverage involves a charge, so weeding out the coverage that is not required effectively reduces the over cost of the insurance policy.


Also, identifying the insured declared value (IDV) is hugely important as it confirms the total amount the insurance company is willing to pay out. Usually, it does not cover the full value of the vehicle since depreciation is considered, but the idea is still to secure a low insurance premium.

2. Shop Around and Compare

There is no point in looking for just one quote and then taking it. There is a vast number of insurance companies operating online, so getting the best car insurance policy requires checking a few different sources.

Different companies will offer different terms and conditions, with the age of your car also a significant factor. So, when getting car insurance online, the quotes should be compared carefully. It is generally a good idea to seek quotes from insurance companies, and approach third party sites only if it is necessary.

3. Ask For Discounts

Insurance companies are not going to flood applicants with discount offers. It is up to the applicants to ask for them. So, when seeking out low insurance premiums make the effort to look for discounts, especially when your car is not going to be used every day, or extra security features have been added.

However, discounts are not the basis for choosing a car insurance policy. The coverage is the most important thing, so make sure adequate cover is not sacrificed for the sake of a discount.

4. Review Before Choosing

Finally, when selecting car insurance online, draw up a shortlist of the best 3 or 4 policies according to coverage, cost and broker reliability. Then consider that list in detail. That way the very best policy, and not just one with a low insurance premium, will be decided on.

It is important to check on the insurance broker too, as your chance of receiving a payout when necessary is wholly dependent on their own financial security. Use the Better Business Bureau to check their status, but also consult some of the insurance industry websites to see if there is any news relating to them. Only when satisfied, take the step of buying a car insurance policy from them.

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Securing Car Insurance Online: The Best Pointers to Lower Premiums