Quality And Sturdy Wooden Block Toys

Many manufacturers modified their way of creating toys like wooden block models. They started being used industrially, thus they produced new materials such as tin. As the century advances are spreading also instructive games and start talking first educational toys.

The plastic toy transforms

But the real revolution will come from the toy’s hand s. XX. It raises concerns about hygiene and aseptic materials. Arise in this way, and in the 30’s, dolls made of celluloid, paste-board, etc.. Interwar sample of this is the fondness for toy soldiers and dolls dressed by fashion and hairstyles. Although the Anglo-Saxon influence and Americanized doll will soon arrive.

A mid-century, in 1948, applied for the first time plastic doll. The plastics revolution resulted in increased production and lower prices. The dolls are left to be democratic and accessible only to lords. It has not stopped evolving. Apart of finding the top safe toys, you need to look for wooden block kits.

Electricity is allied with the game

The addition of electricity to the toys came in a casual, like so many discoveries throughout history: At the beginning of s. Joshua Lionel Cowen XX created an electric train as a lure to the window of his toys, but received so many requests that the advertising attraction eventually became a classic in the toy industry. In 1912 already produced models with lighting inside. After the birth of the automobile helped unbridled enthusiasm and were soon selling small cars made of metal to scale were adding lights and electric motor.

It is also worth mentioning the story of a potato that became the best selling toy in history. In 1952 it was born a unique toy, Mr. Potato. He was also the first toy advertised on television. But his image was very different to what we know today. The game itself consisted only of a series of pieces (arms, mouth, nose, mustache, pipe, arms …) that were stuck on a real potato, who named the Product: Mr. Potato Head (Mr. Head Potato). The idea was the result of manufacturers. But, were all this leaves a wooden block?

Believe it or not, blocks are still around and they can help children more than any other toy. For this Christmas you can give away a great game for your children. There are many toys targeting girls aged between six and twelve. For instance, online options are like simulators that have been adapted for children’s feminine. Manufacturers have developed mannequin dolls considering aesthetics in 3D characters and placed them in universes. Yet, many believe a wooden block is the top choice not only due to its simplicity but because it is for both genders.