Plasma Tv Vs. Lcd: Selecting The Best Television For You

By Adriana Notton

In recent years, there have been remarkable technological achievements in the development of televisions. Today, there are a variety of televisions available that consist of amazing technology, chic designs, and sleek flat screens. Two of the main types of televisions on the market are LCDs and Plasma TVs. Many people think that these televisions are the same; however, there are key differences between the two TVs. The type you choose will depend on your personal preferences. The key to selecting the best television for you is to understand the features that come with the Plasma TV and LCD TV.

LCD and Plasma TV Features

Quality of the Picture: Although the quality of the picture of a Plasma TV is better than a LCD TV, the picture quality of the LCD TVs are improving and most expect that over time the quality of both will be equal. Many people will choose the Plasma TV for a home theater system.

Screen Life: When ranking the screen life of a television, you are analyzing how many hours the picture stays functioning before it starts to fade. There is a bit of difference between the screen life of LCDs and Plasma TVS. An LCD has a screen life of over 60 000 hours while plasma TVs have a screen life of about 30 000 – 60 000 hours. The fewer hours indicated for the Plasma TV is due to the chances of the screen developing ‘burn-in’ (ghost of image burns into the screen.)


High Definition Signals: LCDs have a bit of an advantage over Plasma TVs when comparing high definition signals. However, both types have very good HD signals.

Playing Video games: If you, or a member of your family, are video game enthusiasts, it may be wise to choose an LCD TV because these TVs are not susceptible to ‘burn-in.’

Portability: Plasma TVs are much larger as they have larger screens. LCD TVs are thinner and lighter so they are easier to move around.

Television Price

Both Plasma TVs and LCD TVs are moderately priced because they are very high tech. Plasma TVs have generally come with lower prices when compared to the LCD TVs. Plasma TVs are available in various size screens so you are likely to find a TV that meets your budget. While LCDs have increased recently, Plasma TVs still dominate in the larger size ranges.

When choosing between Plasma and LCD TVs, you are actually choosing between two competing technologies that have similar features When trying to decide which TV is best for you, you should consider your budget, the space where the TV will be located, and how the TV will be transported, moved in the home, and moved around the room if you want to change locations in the future. The main factor to consider when searching for a TV that meets your needs should be functionality more than appearance, although they are both very sexy televisions. You should choose a TV based on your specific needs. Whether it is the Plasma TV or the LCD TV, you will definitely not regret your purchase.

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