Forex On The Go: Forex Trading Via Ipad

By Chris Johansen

Almost everything has gone mobile at this point in time. Fast-paced and always on the go, people always want to be on top of things. Why, if they can only put their houses and offices in their back-pack they would! Mobile offices, marketing, trading are the biggest things happening right now. Everything is online. Everything is mobile.

ForEx trading has come a long way. From 1967 up to present, due to technological advancements, more and more people can get a chance to earn money by just clicking the mouse and going online. Now, it is even better! Think mobile, think IPAD, think ForEx trading. What do you get? ForEx Trading in IPAD – at the palm of your hands!

We have heard of the IPAD, which is a thinner and lighter version of our humongous and Jurassic laptops. This piece of technological masterpiece would not only take you to different heights of liberation from heavy laptops, as they say, it is thinner lighter and faster; But also it will make checking mails, surfing, watching movies and reading books a breeze! As if that is not enough, with a bevy of applications to go through, there is this ‘ForEx Trading IPAD’.


If you are into ForEx Trading, but need to do other things and must be here for this or there for that, the best way to go is ForEx trading via the IPAD.

Applications for ForEx Trading on IPAD have features that help the trader create a shortcut to easily and instantly access their accounts, through the mentioned device. Live streaming for dealing rates and news are available as well. There is also a feature wherein you can get real-time interactive charts with the most used indicators and customs settings. One can also place, modify and/or remove orders. Aside from getting into their accounts, traders can also check their orders and open positions, as well as their trading history.

One such example of the said application is ForEx Club’s ( iDealForEx (available in the iTunes store: This ForEx trading iPad application has three parts: The small tick chart, the large chart with several indicators and of course the rates. Because of this, all the trader needs is one screen. This would already show various currency pair rates while checking an indicator on a different currency pair, and viewing the EUR-USD tick chart at the same time. One can also view between charts by just sliding a finger across the screen. Same goes when viewing closed and open positions, and pending orders. On its charting features, it allows a trader to scroll through previous time frames, trades from charts, and plot indicators. Since most people do their trading using charts, the IPAD is of great advantage. With its high graphic resolution, traders do not have to squint to check the charts. All these features with an attractive and intuitive interface (with landscape and portrait layout options) in a small package!

This new trend in ForEx Trading is truly the next big thing! It is not going to be a surprise if we see people trading while doing their grocery!

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