Dog Treat Jars And You And Your Dog

By Kelly Marshall

How important is a dog treat jar? That is easy. Just think about your own treats. How important are they? Where do you keep them? If they are cookies, they are probably in a cookie jar of some cute design that corresponds with your kitchen dcor. Cake may be under a lid on a cake plate or in the refrigerator. Your mouth waters as you approach any of these because you know what is in them.

Your dog will recognize the fact that when you go to the dog treat jar you are about to produce a tasty morsel for them and there is no doubt that the excitement increases with each step and each movement. You approach the jar and there is pup. You remove the lid and he gets a little closer. Your hand goes into the jar and that is probably when the drooling begins. It is such fun to have a happy dog.

While treats are given for a variety of reasons, the most common is as a reward for some positive behavior. Maybe your dog is in the early stages of house breaking and has just come back from a successful venture outdoors. That is a great time for a treat. Perhaps your bell rang and due to your training the dog did not bark, snarl and growl and followed your command to stay when you told him too. This is another great time for a reward. A dog will learn more quickly to behave well if he is rewarded with every attempt at good behavior.


Perhaps you are feeding your dog RAW and you keep your dog treats in the refrigerator. If so that container is his dog treat jar. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just needs to be full. Unless you are planning on a photo shoot of your home, your dog could actually care less the conveyance that will produce a treat. He just knows it is coming if you are heading that way and he is totally ready.

Some treats do not keep well in dog treat jars. Homemade soft treats will mold more quickly if not refrigerated. In this case you may place a sealed container in the refrigerator and watch as you approach it if your dog is near. It has to bring a smile to your face.

Every dog wants to please their owner. So should every owner want to please their dog? Of course. It will elevate you to the leader status that you should have. By rewarding your dog’s good behavior, your production of rewards from the treat jar will be rewarded by a well behaved dog. It is also safe to consider that you will never go into the kitchen without the dog being close behind, but that is okay. As long as you set limits, it should not be a problem.

It all revolves around setting limits. Arbitrary rewards become meaningless after awhile and your dog expects you to produce at their will instead of yours. Be the leader and pass out treats from the dog treat jar with a conservative attitude. Your pet will reward you for it.

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