Choosing The Best Hotels For Your Wedding Guests

Choosing the Best Hotels for Your Wedding Guests


Antoinette Ayana

As you plan your wedding, there is so much to consider. Even though it is probably not on the top of your list, you need to consider finding places for your wedding guests to stay. You will want to look at the best hotels in town, and hopefully there will be one that will measure up to your needs in the areas of cost, condition, amenities, and also location. Considering these areas will help things to be more convenient for your guests and it will help you.

The cost is something that you need to consider when looking at the best hotels in your area. You will probably not be paying for the rooms, but you should reserve several of them in a row so that they are there for your guests that have come a long way. You will want to be considerate of them driving or flying all of the way to your wedding and find an affordable place for them to stay. You may want to pay for some of your guests. It will likely depend on the situation.


Another consideration before reserving places for your guests to stay is the condition. Before reserving anything, you should ask to look in a few rooms at the various places. You should check the restroom around the toilet and in the tub to make sure that they look clean. Ask about bed bug problems in the past as well, and be sure that the beds look clean and neat. Make sure the rooms do not smell of smoke or pets. You will want your guests to have an enjoyable time.

Something else to look into before choosing the right room is the amenities. Your guests will mostly need a place to sleep since they will be at your wedding the majority of the time. You might save money going to a place that does not have a lot of extra amenities but does offer a clean room. You will want to make sure that they at least provide a continental breakfast so that your guests are not starved by the time of the wedding dinner.

Location is another important consideration. Make sure that you choose the best hotels that are also near the church or wedding location. This is especially helpful for guests that do not know their way around town. Make sure to have a small map made up that will help guests who do not have a GPS locator to find the wedding location.

After looking at these areas, hopefully you will be able to choose one from among the best hotels in the area. It might take some research, but your guests will thank you when they have a pleasant place to sleep before and after your wedding.

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Choosing the Best Hotels for Your Wedding Guests