3 D Game Design And 3 D Game Conversion

3D Game Design and 3D Game Conversion


Julian Robert

The third dimension has always given a reason to look forward because of its unique and captivating display effects. The 3D technology as we know have varied from movies to television to 3D games and the latest addition would be 2D to 3D game conversion engine. While developing a 3D Game Design, the designer should not only be aware of the latest technological advancements, but should hold gameplay designs, create and design the rules and structure. Based upon the game design, there are various categories of game designers and it includes- Lead designer, Game mechanics designer or Systems designer, and Level designer or environment designer. Each of these designers plays a vital role in designing.

The Lead Designer coordinates with other game designers and envisions the details. He builds up team communication, take design decisions, and provide presentations. He provides guidelines on the technical as well as the artistic aspect.

Game Mechanics Designer or Systems designer provides the specific and detailed designs and create a balanced rule for the game.


Level Designer or Environment Designer is the person who will be responsible for building game environment, various levels, and specific missions.

Other than the Designers there is also a Writer, who provides narratives, dialogues, give commentaries, cut-scene narratives, journals, etc. The Writer keeps a close coordination with the Designers, so that content is placed seamlessly.

The game technology has been gaining advancement in a rapid rate since the last decade. Some of the technical aspects have kept its users spellbound. One such advancement in the gaming arena would be the latest, 3D game conversion technology. This can be claimed as a brand new technology and first of its kind that has been launched by LG Electronics for their Smartphone series – LG Optimus 3D and LG Thrill 4G. The 3D content and 3D Game Design has much prospective opening with this latest advancement. The software is expected to promote both game developers as well as Smartphone users. One of the biggest advantage of the 3D game converter would be the persisting versions of 2D games can be easily converted into 3D without huge investments. In addition, it is also cost and time-effective. It is proved to be beneficial for the Smartphone users as well, since the users can convert their games into 3d without any specific charges. The software can be termed as one of the major breakthrough in the mobile industry. With all these technical achievements the mobile game development sector has hit an all time high.


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